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IN YA FACE MMA goes behind the scenes to deliver the region’s best and most intriguing coverage of Mixed Martial Arts talent.  Martials Arts has led many of you to improve your life and your experience here in this world.  We have come to realize that if you are in this realm of MMA, you are not only passionate about the arts, but you have a story that has led you to your practice.  We at IYF, would like to learn YOUR story, as it may positively impact and motivate others in this sport.

IYF is located in Pittsburgh, PA.,  a place that has become an MMA hotbed.  IYF looks to help local MMA grow to not only a national presence, but a global presence.   By sharing these stories through social media, we will help take the fighters here in Pittsburgh and the regional area, to the next level in this sport and become role models for inspiration.

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David's victory over Goliath

David’s victory over Goliath

Since the mysterious dawn of mankind, humans have squared off against one another in physical combat.  To the winner went all the glory, fame, and spoils of victory.  The loser suffered the agony and bitter shame of defeat, if they were fortunate.  The unlucky lost not only their match, but also their very lives.  Perhaps the earliest and biggest underdog of all time, the shepherd boy David, slew Goliath.  The Coliseums of Rome bore witness to unfortunate slaves forced to battle to the death.  These Gladiators fought not only to survive to live another day.  The greats became national heroes, and the greatest won their right to become Roman citizens and free men.  Fast forward thourgh a few millenia.  The brutal sport of bare-knuckle boxing was all the rage in 19th century America.  The swarming crowds of lower Manhattan and Boston filled their docks much like their Roman

Bare knuckle boxing

Bare knuckle boxing

counterparts did 2000 years earlier, thirsty for a good brawl.  Prize fighters, like the Irish-American John L. Sullivan, sparred for their respective city’s pride, and small cash purses.  Fast forward yet again to the America of now.  The boxers and fighters have now put on gloves, but the national fervor for combat remains.  And it grows.  Ali, Frazier, Tyson, and Mayweather.  Shamrock, Gracie, Liddell, and Silva.  These fighters are glorified the world over, so famous that they can be recognized by just their last names. 

Roman Gadiators

Roman Gladiators

Undoubtedly, the next pay-per view MMA event will break dollar and viewership records.  Just as certain, people will love watching men, and now women too, square off in a cage or a ring, until the setting sun of mankind.